McGrogan Design offers (and loves) ongoing freelance Graphic Design relationships. Perfect for companies that don’t employ a full-time Graphic Designer!

Not quite enough work or cash to staff up and hire a designer? Fine! McGrogan Design works flawlessly with businesses of all sizes in place of an on-staff Graphic Designer.

It’s kind of like friends with benefits, without the messy stuff:

  • No grueling interview process/being stuck with the wrong candidate.

  • Working with a designer with 15 years of working experience in Graphic Design and Marketing for an affordable rate.

  • No overhead, No Insurance, No weird taxes, No worries!

  • Availability whenever you need it! Plus bi-weekly meetings for check-ins, strategy, new business, or just a cup of coffee.

  • Working alongside YOU. For those bigger, more complex projects, sometimes it’s easier to just park it and work side by side. If you have enough room for a laptop, i’d be glad to work in your office to ensure a top notch finished project.

Utica area businesses that utilize McGrogan Design for Freelance Graphic Design: