McGrogan Design offers (and loves) ongoing freelance Graphic Design relationships. Perfect for companies that don’t employ a full-time Graphic Designer!

Not quite enough work or cash to staff up and hire a designer? Fine! McGrogan Design works flawlessly with businesses of all sizes in place of an on-staff Graphic Designer.

It’s kind of like friends with benefits, without the messy stuff:

  • No grueling interview process/being stuck with the wrong candidate.

  • Working with a designer with 15 years of working experience in Graphic Design and Marketing for an affordable rate.

  • No overhead, No Insurance, No weird taxes, No worries!

  • Availability whenever you need it! Plus bi-weekly meetings for check-ins, strategy, new business, or just a cup of coffee.

  • Working alongside YOU. For those bigger, more complex projects, sometimes it’s easier to just park it and work side by side. If you have enough room for a laptop, i’d be glad to work in your office to ensure a top notch finished project.

Utica area businesses that utilize McGrogan Design for Freelance Graphic Design:

“Working with McGrogan Design has been such an enjoyable experience. Ryan understands our creative vision and has helped us to take our merchandise to the next level!”

- India Paschal, e-Commerce Director, Utica Coffee Roasting Company

“We are so lucky to have Ryan. Cliff’s doesn’t have a full time graphic designer but you wouldn’t know it with how talented and quick Ryan is. The quality of his work always blows us away! Most of the time we aren’t even sure what we want but McGrogan Design exceeds our expectations with ease.

We also love that he’s local and can drop in anytime.

Truly lucky to have him!”

- Stacey Davis, Marketing Manager, Clifford Fuel Company